Refund Policy

We will not process the refund until our team has validated that the product or services taken have been intact and not subjected to any damaged. Once the refund is approved, it would be processed in your account within a reasonable timeframe.

The refund policy may vary from product to product therefore it is at the onus of the customer to fully read the conditions carefully before purchasing a product. If you want to return a product after the stipulated time period mentioned for its return has elapsed we won’t entertain your refund request at any condition. Buyers must check the product refund details, conditions and time period applicable for returning the product.

Please be aware of the date and time of the purchase and take utmost care to retain the same packing and also included the materials in your return which were provided at the time of purchasing the product.

In case of any issue or damage to the product we won’t be liable to change it or process a refund for the same. And in case of such services that are found to breach our terms of purchase, no extended timeframe for usage/warranty/support/refund be provided to the user.

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